Saturday, October 15, 2011

What REALLY is Social Media and How Does it Help a Person and/or Organization?

As a practicing consultant day in and day out, I have and continue to encounter people that are looking for more information and/or answers on a number of issues but especially social media and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) problems, hence my continued analysis of the subject matter. In fact, as I have learned over the last 3+ years throughout my Doctoral studies and entire business career not only does my own personal knowledge continue to increase in this subject matter but I am also finding that everyone’s knowledge is also increasing exponentially. This could be for many reasons but mostly thanks to network marketing, the new wave of social media, and CRM software (apps included) that are continuing to allow us all to communicate more effectively from just about anywhere.

However, for those out there that still think “social media” is a new part of our continually changing and mainstream culture, others disagree, as this median is by no means new. (Borders, 2009) stated that people and businesses all over the world have been using different types of digital media over the last 30+ years to communicate, socialize, network, etc. except back then, more often than not people referred to this median as the telephone, newspaper, television, etc (i.e. phones have been used for the last 60+ years). So then, what is “social media?” According to an industry expert social media is a way or form of expressing you and/or your company’s information in a social online forum. It can be looked at as the passing of information amongst friends, colleges, co-workers, and worldwide connections. This is actually no different from those days, when we used digital media such as newspapers or the landline telephone to connect with our friends, colleges, co-workers, or those often referred to as our “target market.” Whether we are connecting with people online or in-person, the truth is we can now connect deeper with others who are truly our “target markets.” Each and every time we connect in these ways (in person or online) it increases our relationships and our brand awareness. Most of the time people may not need your specific product and/or service at that exact moment but when a person does or when they run into someone that needs it they are more likely to think of you or recommend you and/or your company. Therefore, social media is often referred to as another friendly way to advertise to those within your inner/outer circles or can be broken down further to apply to a percentage of the contacts that you make over time. For example, if you meet 1000 people in a year and it applies to 10% of them, then you have gained 100 potential or “hopefully” actual clients. On a larger scale is you meet 10,000 people and have a 7% return, then 700 would be the number of potential of “hopefully” actual clients. Perhaps this is the most important part of social media, as it provides one of the only means of meeting that many people in open or closed forums through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Empire Ave, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc. After all, if meeting people is a big part of creditability, then you should build relationships with others first regardless of the median, and sales and/or other potential opportunities will come later. In the end, social media helps not only build relationships but also helps people plant seeds, that if watered and given sun, will eventually grow. This new thing called “social media” is no different then what people have been doing for years in sales or other organizations like local Chamber of Commerce’s or Business Network International (BNI) groups. The only difference is that social media allows a person and/or organization the ability to plant additional seeds, that 30 years ago would have been impossible or required much more time, energy, and effort, which then will in turn, turn into ripe orchards in years to come (G Social Media, 2009).

As I continue my research and reporting, not only will I continue to report on Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) but also how Supply Chain Management (SCM), CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), social media, and other technological system advancements will impact people and other (i.e. Small-to-Medium Enterprises) organizations in the years ahead. From this research and collected data, I will then introduce readers to a completely new concept and program that will help take us forward into the 21st Century. Until then, sit back relax, and enjoy the history, current progression, and future direction of social media and other technological systems analysis that I have/am continuing to provide and more importantly are continuing to change the way we communicate and the way the world operates. Of course, if you have any questions, comments, and or advice I am always looking to expand my knowledge base as explained in the opening; otherwise, keep smiling, as I continue to look forward to our journey together!


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