Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to my Doctoral of Business Administration Research BLOG

In today’s ever-changing and competitive global environment, many organizations have to make important business decisions in order continue competing or even function within the international market place. These decisions may involve the exploration of the different international economies, the restructuring of the supply chain, or the implementation of an enterprise resource system in order to increase organizational efficiency. As a result, of this analysis or any organizational investment a company could then identify what areas of concern they need to address to remain efficient, competitive, and meet the demands of the changing market environment.

Independent of the circumstance and intention of the decision, questions to ask in order to answer what the best investment choice is remains the same: What are the benefits in understanding different international business environments and the different internal and external supply chain systems and structures? How can an organization benefit from a new supply chain or enterprise-resource system implementation? and How should an organization come together to decide on a new investment? In my upcoming applied research phase of my dissertation, I will attempt to address each of these different and unique questions in five chapters by first investigating the value in understanding the global economy and the different internal and external international supply chain systems, processes, and structures of Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Next, by discussing how continued advancements in technology are helping in the implementation of different supply chain systems, while showing the benefits available to an SME that decides to implement such a system. Finally, comparing six different systems, processes, and structures, which will help organizational leaders, determine what investment decision is right for their company.

Faced with the challenges of deciding to implement a new supply chain system, an organization has to be able to identify what current and future systems and technologies are or will be available to them now. For that reason, all types of organizations may be reluctant to invest or change their current operating structure because of the unknown future technological advancements. However, by using academics, understanding some of the past and current systems from a small or large organizational standpoint, and recognizing economies of scale in supply chain implementation, leaders can better decide what system is right for them. As globalization continues, markets expand, and new systems are introduced, we must continue to develop strategies that are understandable and explain the benefits or drawbacks for companies on an international scale.

Welcome to my new blog: where education and real world application have come to meet. I look forward to reporting, learning, and growing with you over the next year, as I finish my dissertation. Please feel free to contact me anytime-- Cheers


  1. David, I like your underlying theme "where education and real world application have come to meet" Jyoti

  2. @dnserp (i.e. Jyoti)- Thanks a million for taking the time to post a response, as comments and suggestions are always welcomed :-) Cheers, David